The Marange diamond fields are an area of widespread small-scale diamond production in
Chiadzwa, Mutare West, Zimbabwe.
'The hugely prolific Marange Diamond Fields are regarded as the world's richest diamond find in 
more than a century'.


In 2009 Marange Resources (Private) Limited, negotiated rights 'to manage the day-to-day operations of Marange and the marketing of the diamonds mined from the Concession Area'.

In the same year the Zimbabwean unity government issued a directive supporting the joint venture.

In February 2010 the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet of Zimbabwe re-affirmed the

government's full support for the joint venture.

In April 2010 the High Court of Zimbabwe ruled that the government could sell diamonds from Marange

as it dismissed an urgent application from British-based African Consolidated Resources to stop

diamond sales from the disputed fields. International pressure group, Global Witness, warned

Zimbabwe against selling diamonds until the government complied with plans agreed with diamond

monitors, the Kimberley Process to reform mining at Marange.

In June 2010 the Kimberley Process monitor appointed to review procedures and conditions at Marange

reported that, "Based on evidence provided by the government of Zimbabwe and private investors, and

on...first-hand assessment of the situation, Zimbabwe has satisfied the minimum requirements of the

KPCS for trade in rough diamonds".